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Pam Baltzer, Tutor and Owner
This former college professor has a BS in Life Sciences with minors in Chemistry and Math, an MS in Biochemistry, an AAS in Medical Technology, and several years of Doctoral Studies in the Biochemical Sciences.
About Ascent Tutoring, LLC
Ascent Tutoring was born out of the passion for learning and a desire to see students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities succeed.

Ascent Tutoring is based in Omaha, NE and serves the local area with one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. An online tutoring option is also offered for those interested in distance instruction.

Tutor is certified in Safe Environment Training and is background check-approved.
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     Affordable tutoring in 
science, mathematics, and computers.
…preparing for the climb 

Ascent Tutoring's mission is to provide students with the skills to become confident, successful, independent learners in an environment of excellence, integrity, respect, and compassion.