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MATHEMATICS   Math aids for Grades 1-6  Helps with solving math problems
Put Ascent Tutoring's expertise to work for you. Here are some educational links to various areas of assistance in the math and sciences, general education, government agencies, and learning disabilities.  
Hubble Space Telescope
onlineconversion  Convert just about anything to anything else
Library of Congress  The national library of the United States  A good place to start for all kinds of information  The Merriam Webster dictionary site  The National Center for Learning Disabilites  Website for learning disabilities and ADHD
NCLB ACT  The No Child Left Behind Act  Homework Helper and Teacher and Parent Educational Resource 
US Government Helping Your Child Series  online book marketplace  online book marketplace  online book marketplace  free content of educational video and audio files  thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars  videos from leading research and academic institutions  video lectures by scholars and scientists  video lectures and podcasts from the University of California-Berkeley  various multimedia topics  instructional videos and websites  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks on a wide range of topics  courses in many different languages  free public domain audiobooks  many different history topics

​I have assisted students in matriculating to professional programs at:

  • Case Western University, Optician Program
  • Creighton University, Medical School
  • Tufts University, Dental School
  • University of Denver, Biochemical Sciences Graduate department
  • University of Minnesota, Chemistry Graduate School
  • University of Wisconsin, Mortician Program
  • UNMC, Biomedical Sciences
  • UNMC, Pharmacy Program
  • UNMC, Physical Therapy Program
  • UNO, Engineering Graduate Program

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